Days of Wonder Ticket to Ride Board Game


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29.85 cm x 29.85 cm x 7.62 cm
An Asmodee Product
Box Contains

1 x Board map of North America train routes
240 x Coloured train cars
110 x Train car cards
30 x Destination tickets
1 x Summary card
5 x Wooden scoring markers
1 x Rule booklet

Players embark on a cross-country train adventure, collecting train cards that allow them to lay claim to colour-coded railway routes across a map of the 20th-century USA. The longer the route claimed, the more points they earn – but the more cards they’ll need to save up to claim it. By establishing longer routes connecting multiple cities, players will try to complete destination tickets offering major bonus points for linking up two specific cities… or penalties for failing to do so. Turns are simple: either draw more cards, claim a route, or pick up additional destination tickets. But who will outmanoeuvre their opponents and create the most valuable railway network?